Here are some suggestions for how to prepare for your portrait.


  • solid colours are preferable; darker colours are slimming and paler colours maximise width

  • solid black works well photographically, but avoid wearing solid whites or pale colours unless underneath a jacket

  • avoid stripes, distracting patterns and slogans or logos if possible

  • bring a jacket to provide you with a choice of wearing it or not in the final images

  • winter attire tends to be more timeless than summer clothing

  • ensure that business shirts are ironed or consider bringing a spare ironed shirt

  • we often photograph full length in addition to headshots, especially with group photos, so wear suitable footwear just in case

  • avoid wearing runners unless it’s for a sporty look; brightly coloured or white footwear can be distracting

Hair and make-up

  • if required, bring a hair brush or comb and any hair products; we will have a mirror on hand

  • you may want to consider using a slightly darker brow pencil and eyeliner to emphasise eyes

  • brighter lipsticks and blush tend to look more flattering in photographs rather than darker

  • face powder eliminates shine

  • avoid foundation that contains high amounts of reflective pigment or sparkle

  • a hair and make-up artist can be organised on request, for a reasonable fee

Friendly directions about how to stand and head positioning are the photographer and stylist's responsibility. As a client your role is simply to attempt to relax and smile! A variety of expressions may be asked for, smiling and not smiling, depending on what and where your portrait is intended for.

Images are given basic enhancements. Specific retouching can be applied on request.


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