The purpose of the portrait images should inform the desired visual style. First, decide what the intended usage for the images is, whether it be for website, social media profiles, annual report or other publications. Consider whether the portraits need to fit in with an existing style, look or feel, and if this needs to be consistent from person to person, or different for each individual. Decide whether just individual portraits are required or if group shots are needed as well.


Once a style has been defined, this should determine whether the background is a simple solid colour or if a variety of backgrounds are needed. A plain white backdrop for headshots is often the easiest solution, because the images can be taken anywhere indoors against a white wall (or we can bring a white backdrop), but also because this look is easily repeatable where consistency is important, if multiple photo shoots are required on different days.


We can photograph portraits anywhere, either indoors or outdoors, in offices, workplaces, urban streets, parks and gardens, or against iconic locations. Outdoor portraits are usually photographed best in the morning when the light is softest and the wind is calmest. There is more control indoors as weather conditions are not a factor. The other benefits of photographing indoors are that there are less cancellations due to difficult weather, and photographs can have a more consistent look because the lighting remains the same, no matter what time of day. If photographing headshots indoors, the ideal minimum space required is 5 metres x 4 metres.


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